Website Maintenance Service in Sri Lanka

Website Maintenance Service in Sri Lanka

Website Maintenance Service in Sri Lanka and Why Website maintenance is important? Our Website Maintenance Packages is comprehensive and covers most web support

Our Website Maintenance Plan

We Included with Our Web Packages

Websites are like any other software application you may use, Microsoft Word, Android, iOS etc., in that they have versions, each new version adds features, or fixes security flaws. If you don’t upgrade your website then you can’t take advantage of new features and hackers could gain access to your website through some “backdoor”. This is why it’s always advisable to keep your website version up-to-date. Hence we offer Website Maintenance Plan for all our valuable clients. We provide you with the highest level of satisfaction and the peace of mind that your website will be taken care of.
Our team has years of experience in website maintenance. Before you go for web maintenance services, it is essential to know about advantages of maintaining your website. Soft Age Lanka can help you with your website management needs and make your business grow successfully. With web technology continually changing, you just cannot keep your online presence immobile.

What’s included with our Maintenance Plan?

Website Core Updates

We updated the free and paid coding (iOS, Android, Windows) and plugging on your website to the latest version.

Timely Backup

We’ll take regular backups of your website, so in case there are any rollbacks, you’ll have the latest version of your data.

Real-time Website Protection (Site Security Scan)

Scan your website for known malware, blacklisting status, website errors, and out-of-date software. Helps to keep your site secure. Identifying security breaches to prevent imminent attacks.

Speed Up Your Website

We regularly optimize your database, by getting rid of any unused data, images and spam comments.

Google Web Master Tool / Search Console & Analytics Update

Google’s algorithms is always changing, Keep update website with Google.
Not Included

Once the site is completed, website updates and structural, continual or graphical modifications are subject to a fee. And charges will depend on type and frame of work and how much time spends on it. All updates can be done only in regular working days & hours.

Website Maintenance Packages in Sri Lanka

Are you searching best Website Maintenance Packages in Sri Lanka for Maintenance your website? Website maintenance prices need not be high. It is easier to hand over the website maintenance to professionals rather than break your head with the Soft Age Lanka of maintaining a website. We have flexible packages for monthly and yearly maintainance of websites that don’t cost you much. We even have a once-in-while website maintenance package wherein you only pay when you do updates, thus controlling website maintenance cost. Additionally, we take up Web Maintenance for the smooth functioning of your site and to keep you on top of the search engines at a reasonable cost. Get best Website Maintenance Packages!

Website Maintenance Service

At Soft Age Lanka we pride ourselves on providing big business solutions to small businesses. We have years of experience in standards compliant HTML, PERL CGI, ASP, JAVA and PHP scripts; a wide variety of database engines; standard image manipulation, and PDF conversion. We cater to your requirements of revising some or all of your website pages, as well as adding new pages as per your business requirements.

Soft Age Lanka has been offering professional and reliable Website Maintenance Service in Sri Lanka to our clients in Sri Lanka. Our highly professional team work round the clock to ensure timely delivery of services. Our website maintenance plans are cost-effective and start under Business Plan.

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